Types of Game Reviews

Types of Game Reviews

Game reviews are an important part of the game industry as it helps developers understand what went wrong and how to improve them in terms of bugs, tacky interfaces, and missing features. People would often check out the reviews by critics of the game before spending their money on one. But with so many types of game reviews, here are some that have been broken down.

1. Article

Review articles consist of a summarized review of the overall game. Popular game review companies such as IGN and PCGamer often publishes their reviews made by professional critics through their magazines. Articles usually present detailed points about a product with some analysis done towards the developer and if there are any previous episodes of the game.

2. Videos

A rising favorite within the gaming community. Videos are usually paired with short clips taken from the game and then explained with opinions through a series of quotes from game review magazines, as well as reviews by users from digital distribution websites such as Steam.

3. Ratings

Though ratings don’t necessarily include a detailed review, the numbers impact the market significantly. Each game review company has their own rating system and certain 먹튀사이트 game ranking websites will fetch all ratings from these websites and count the average score for them.

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