A Guide to Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows have been rising in trends lately due to their use of organic materials and its ability to eliminate dust mites and allergens. There are many bamboo pillows to choose from and hear some of them based on the top bamboo pillows reviews left by satisfied customers. While some of these pillows may be pricier than the others, but they are still cheaper than memory foam pillows.

Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

One of the best sellers of the Bamboo Pillow collection. The pillow is made out of 60% polyester for the pillow cover and also 40% of it is from bamboo. It is also fully adjustable and is made out of a mix of shredded visco memory foam which you can add or remove to match your comfort. Other than that, the pillow also improves ventilation by helping with proper body alignment as you go through a deeper sleep each night.

Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow with Bamboo Cover

This pillow is the second in line from the best bamboo pillow. This pillow is a bolster, also known as a body pillow, that has a unique customized support that is fully adjustable to suit the comfort of your body, making it an ideal pillow for pregnant women, side sleepers, and also back sleepers.

Foam Wedge Bamboo Pillow

Made out of knit fabric, the foam wedge bamboo pillow is made to provide more comfortable sleep and can also be used for watching television while seated on the floor or by using it to help you find a comfortable reading position in bed. The slope that gives the pillow its name helps in reducing any discomfort that you may encounter especially with the neck and shoulder areas. Furthermore, the foam wedge pillow also reduces snoring, acid reflux, blood circulation, and also breathing problems.