Art Dubai – Lens to Culture in Dubai

Art Dubai is a leading art festival held for art interaction as an expression. This art festival showcases art produced by artist across regions from Southern Asia and the Middle East as well as Northern Africa. This is an annual event meriting the attention of any art consultant seeking to excel in the industry. The epitome of the art industry, a standout which seems to be turning heads comes from the land itself. Artwork Dubai has produced throughout the years has shown exemplary products. With nearly 90 galleries in collection and counting, this art display was initially known as the Gulf Art Fair in 2007.
Art consultancy Dubai offers has also enjoyed a few years on the top as front-runners in the growing industry. Consultants get to choose between two categories of galleries, namely, Modern and Contemporary. A selection process is carried out before the final 70 galleries are chosen for display. In this process of filtering, the maturity of a gallery does not give the owner an upper hand as galleries, both young and old will be given equal opportunities in representing themselves. The 2017 edition saw a change in how the artworks were displayed. The halls that once displayed Contemporary art were split into two major portions. These sections are known as Solo and Collective sections. The objective behind this move was to permit a presentation that is more curated for the display halls. This change comprised of a total of almost 80 galleries, which featured over 40 countries in total.
In the Modern section, artists are given the chance to showcase to work as solo artists, a pair of collaborations between multiple artists. It heavily features art from the 20th century, which has been a focal point in creating opportunities for younger art consultants. This can be shown by the increase in hotel art consultants, who often known to generate little to no income years ago, are creating new peaks in the financial earnings.