Ways to Encourage Others to Start Road Biking

Getting to share your passion for cycling with someone is great, especially when they grasp how you feel about the sport and start cycling with you. If you’re wondering how to encourage your friends or family to the magic of riding a bike down the road, there are endless possibilities in introducing them to the cycling.

You could start by lending them your bike if they don’t own one, giving them a chance to take it for a spin. Chances are they are not very confident in riding a bike as they are afraid of falling. Accompany them along the way and hold up the bike for them when needed as they get comfortable at a slow pace. Once they reach a level of confidence, they may want you to let them take the bike for a short cycle, and this could be a small achievement for them.

If you have a spare bike to lend, inviting them to cycle with you to nearby destination helps to build trust between the both of you, and it’s an easy way to have fun! It is good to have someone close by to take care of the new rider by teaching them how to control their bike during downhill, or how to tackle unavoidable potholes. You could also bring them for sightseeing. Show them how much open beauty you can see while riding a bike compared to being in a car.

Once they’ve gotten the hang of it and would like their own road bike, accompany them to a local bike store downtown and help them find a bike that fits perfectly with them. Or, you could also encourage them to visit websites specialized in road bikes such as beastslive.com if they are unable to find a local store.